マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品

マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品

&bull An all-in-one photographic solution exclusively designed by Manfrotto to satisfy the needs of iPhone? 5/5s users who love to capture special moments and want to do so in style. &bull Available in four colors Black Red White and Pink (this version). Manfrotto KLYP+ bumper is the basis of the overall system which allows you to add three interchangeable lenses a LED and then mount it all to a tripod. KLYP + Bumper: &bull KLYP+ is more than a simple protective case. It is a real photographic bumper with a lanyard and kickstand! Its stylish design fits the shape of the iPhone 5/5s protecting it from scratches and falls. &bull It is made of solid polycarbonate that serves as a rail-system for the LED and tripod mount attachments (included in this kit). The bumper also features a lens thread connection to easily screw in one of the its three interchangeable lenses (included in this kit). &bull For the first time Manfrotto presents a set of three interchangeable lenses able to create extraordinary effects by simply screwing them into the bumper thread. Each one is crafted out of solid aluminium and outfitted with thick high-clarify glass. &bull 1) Portrait lens (telephoto 1.5x) is ideal for portraiture and allows the user to truly capture the shapes and forms of the images with a correct three-dimensional outcome. &bull 2) Landscape lens (Wide Angle 0.68x) let the user capture amazing panoramas i.e. architectural interior and lan dscape shots where you may not be able to move farther from the scene to photograph it. &bull 3) Fisheye lens (0.28x) is a wide angle lens that wraps photos into round hemispherical images perfect to modify the reality you are surrounded by to a stunning effect. LED: The included portable and lightweight Manfrotto LED light features new surface mount LED technology display a 60° beam angle and a luminance of 225 lumens guaranteeing very bright images in low-light coniditions and an ideal soft fill light. &bull The careful selection of high quality LEDs ensures vivid colors and natural skin tones in pictures and videos proven by the high color rendition (CRI Index > 80%). The LED light is also dimmable at three different levels of intensity and it can be simply recharged with a USB connector. &bull The LED light comes with a built-in tripod mount provided with a ?'' thread on the bottom which ensures great stability and a point of attachment to any tripod. The small support has been specifically designed to easily connect to both the light and the 4 locking points positioned on the bumper through an intuitive sliding system. &bull The product provides a great two-in-one solution being extremely compact and portable in any situtation. (The LED light has been tested in accordance with safety standard IEC 62471:2006 Photobiolocial Safety of Lamos and Lamo Systems and is not harmful for human retina).

マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品

マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品,!BICSURF【ビックサーフ】サーフボード スポーツ・アウトドア,マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品,トラスコ中山41140410 エアコン,ひょうさつ★七宝・水紺(みずこん)(白文字) 表札 SUBS-117【30%OFF】【表札】七宝表札,保寿熊胆丸2560丸×6個 医薬品・医薬部外品.マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品!!アクセサリー メンズ Silver Extension セレクトショップ Minimal Dr.Martens K3M2T126 Watch!【まとめ買い10個セット品】木製傾斜上置き台無塗装W115cm【メーカー直送/代金引換決済不可】店舗什器ディスプレーマネキン装飾品販促用品ハンガーラッピング 業務用.

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.C3-2506/大海酒造・白玉醸造1800ml4本Cセット 黒豚.マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品!

マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品,マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品 TV・オーディオ・カメラ

マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品










写真マンフロット/ManfrottoKLYPPinkBumperCompleteKitforiPhone5/5sMCKLYP+5S-PB/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーBGMCKLYP5SPB カメラ用品